12570 NE Marx Street Portland, OR 97230 USA

KG Specialties: 503-669-8233

12570 NE Marx Street

Portland, OR 97230 USA

KG Specialties - 503-669-8233

The KG Specialties Team

Kyle Gibson

Owner / President

Kyle is a 21 year veteran of the apparel and promotional industry. He started KG Specialties 21 years ago out of necessity. He was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and had to make a career change. Little did he know it would be a blessing in disguise.

Along the way Kyle has become involved in volunteer work. Currently he serves on the Foundation board for Legacy Health. Over the past 6 years he has helped generate over $600,000 in donations. Last year they raised $54,000 with the debut event Denim & Diamonds, 72% above the goal the executive team projected.

In his spare time he likes to golf, hike, BBQ, and try all types of new foods and wines (feel free to e-mail him your favorites).

Norma Davis

Office/Production Manager

Norma started her career as a barista in a local coffee shop then worked retail for a few years, going back to a career in Starbucks. Since 2008 she has been the Office/Production Manager at KG Specialties.

Norma's outside interests are centered around travel. She has hiked in the Pacific Northwest and has visited foreign countries including Mexico, Cayman Islands, Africa and the Philippines. With the goal of stepping foot in all 7 continents. She has no children but does claim a dog, Buddy, as a member of her family. She enjoys spending time with her extended family and does a lot with her nephews and nieces. Family is the most important thing in Norma's life. Her family has supported them through tough times and she does the same for them.

Sarah Gibson

Account Coordinator

Being the daughter of Kyle, Sarah has spent most of her life around this industry. From watching spice girls with her sister in the break room at the old shop, to spending summers helping in production, and now she has the great fortune to learn the front end of the business. And is loving it. Sarah learns more and more every day from the wonderful people she gets to spend her days with.

When she is not working Sarah is either baking tasty treats to bring to the office, banana bread seems to be the favorite (as well as hers), has her nose stuck in a book, or is demolishing her boyfriend in a video game. As a lover of all things handmade Sarah is currently teaching herself to sew and knit. She loves learning new things more than anything, and says, ". . . the day you stop learning is the day you die."

Geoff Brown

Marketing & Promotional Consultant (503.730.2238)

As a California import, Geoff has been with KG Specialties since 2005 and has brought a fresh level of creativity ever since. When it comes to your image, no one will work harder to help brand it than Geoff.

When he's not strategizing with our clients, you'll find Geoff hiking the trails with his son or patiently relaxing while one of his three daughters paint his fingernails.

Get Geoff to take you to coffee sometime and we're sure you'll discover why we've kept him around!

John Tejada

Marketing & Promotional Consultant (503.329.4055)

John has over a decade of experience in the industry and joined the KG professional team in 2010.

He really enjoys working with people, spending time with family, participating on non-profit community organizations and coaching. He is also looking forward to more water time on the canoes with his new hip!

Dan Raisner

Screen Print
Dan is a native Californian and moved to Portland in 1999. He has been in the screen print industry for over sixteen years.

Dan is passionate about NFL football and loves playing guitar in his down time. He is an avid hiker and mountain biker and has been known to hit the links every now and then for a round of golf.

Dan has an adorable and smart daughter and he hopes to open a pit bull rescue ranch one day.
Kyle Gibson
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