12570 NE Marx Street Portland, OR 97230 USA

KG Specialties: 503-669-8233

12570 NE Marx Street

Portland, OR 97230 USA

KG Specialties - 503-669-8233

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KG Specialties

It all started 20 years ago in the basement. KG Specialties has come a long way in 20 years - Thanks to You! Since 1993, Portland-based KG Specialties has become one of the nation's top distributors of apparel and promotional items to businesses all across the country. What makes us different? In house Screen Printing and Embroidery In house fulfillment CAS credentials (Certified Advertising Specialist) Full service promotional division To learn more about what makes KG Specialties, your one-stop shop, swing by for a tour then grab coffee or lunch with one of the team. Thank you, Kyle R Gibson

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